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The core of the Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 et 10  compatible softwares used with the platform B-Flex consists of the software suite for automation by IRAI, of which we are the canadian distributor. IRAI is the only supplier that meets our criteria:

  • Flexibility: IEC 61131-3 with the integration of simulators.
  • 2D, 3D HMI with web access.
  • 3D simulation integrating physical simulation.
  • Establishment licence at a very competitive price
  • Student licence for personal computers at low-cost

The IRAI softwares combines with the B-Flex control card transform you PC into a PC-based control plateform giving you access to the huge resources of your PC for your automation applications.

One last category includes optional softwares addressing specific needs: e.g. SolidWorks for 3D.

We also use free softwares. For instance, for drawing, ExpressSCH is easy to use and meets our needs.

One last category includes optional softwares addressing specific needs: e.g. SolidWorks for 3D.


Our softwares


Automgen is central to the functioning of the plateform B-Flex to:

  • Edit you programs in languages of the IEC 61131-3 standard.
  • Communicate in real time with the control card B-Flex.
  • Execute and troubleshoot the programs.
  • Build human-machine interfaces (HMI).

As an option, Automgen integrates other functionalities:

  • Automsim: Automsim: diagram and simulation creation software for the following technologies: electrics, pneumatics, hydraulics and digital electronics
  • Automlab: adds the digital simulation (Matlab/Simulink style).
  • Pack SysML: Pack SysML: adds the language SysML.

Group MFT offers the ideal solution for education: a

Groupe MFT vous offre la solution idéale pour l’éducation : an ***establishment licence*** uniting all the softwares that you will be able to install in laboratories and classrooms as you see fit.

Moreover, our goal being to facilitate the access to our softwares on students’ personal computers, we planned low-cost licences usable four months, that being the duration of one semester.

Contact us to find out about our prices, you will be pleasantly surprised.

JavaScript Studio (JSS)

JavaScriptStudio is a multi-plateform web application builder (WebApp).

A system of illustration and of built-in web server allows to design applications with an immediate rendition of the results from a web browser running on the same PC, from another PC or from any other plateform (smartphone or tablet). JSS can be used to create WebApps connected to the B-Flex. JSS is addressed to beginners and advanced developers who wish to develop their projects quickly. JSS integrates additional elements (plug-ins) to create potentionmeters/dials (jQUery Knob) and draw curves (jqPlot).

JSS uses the jQuery and jQuery Mobile libraries to offer a user interface of great quality, comparable with native applications on smartphones and tablets functioning under the main operating systems (IOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.).

Virtual Universe Pro

Virtual Universe PRO Allows to model and simulate the B-Flex in a 3D environment integrating physical simulation.

A complete model of the operative part of the B-Flex imported from the 3D software Solidworks is made available to you. You may enhance it using an object library or create new ones using the main 3D file formats: 3DXML, 3DS, OBJ, etc.

This model of B-Flex’s operative part can be simulated in real time, controlled by the B-Flex board connected to the PC or from a virtual controller integrated to the product. Simulations of automated systems are interactive; The user can grap and move objects in the 3D world. In addition, HMI functions are also available allowing the creation of consoles.

Many other applications are possible: pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and digital electronic diagrams can be created and simulated from 3D elements.

This enables the student to validate with precision his programs without the need for the operative part. He can also demonstrate the accuracy of the modifications brought to the system. A big plus for hybrid .

Note: for the 3D rendition, it is recommended to use a dedicated graphics card.



ExpressSCH is a software allowing to draw electrical and electronic diagrams. Here are a few reasons to use it:

  • Easy to install.
  • Fast learning curve.
  • Free, so is installed without a lincence on all PCs.
  • Allows to create new components e.g. B-Flex terminals.Interacts with ExpressPCB to simplify the design of printed circuit boards.

ExpressSCH is the software we use in our documentation and in practical work. However, you can equally use another software with which you are familiar, without jeopardising learning.

ExpressPCB fits in with ExpressSCH to design printed circuits boards (PCB). You can build PCBs directly, quickly and at a reasonable price. A tool that could be useful to you.