Why an audio amplifier ???

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Why an audio amplifier ???

We often hear the following remark about the audio amplifier: what is the link with industrial electronics? No direct links with the content, but links with skills such as:

  • Identify electronic components.
  • Soldering electronic components.
  • Design plan cut and drills the base.
  • Develop a test procedure.
  • Write a technical report.
  • Dance and sing.

I had experiment the audio amp. project with several groups of beginners in electronics, I can say that this experiment is a powerful motivator: I’ve never seen a student who did not want to complete his amplifier and verify the proper operation with his favorite song with the volume to maximum! (We are not responsible of the complaints from other teachers!).

Sometime, doing something connected to the reality of every day is important. The audio amplifier is a retention factor for your new recruits.

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