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Platform B-Flex

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Since 2015, we concentrate our energy towards our new B-Flex platform that is more affordable, more flexible and perfectly integrated. Our objective is to centre technical training on the student by giving him the tools to succeed:

  • Access to the equipment at all times (physical and virtual).
  • Online multimedia documentation.
  • Specialised softwares installed on his personal computer.

A real client approach where the student takes charge and manages his development.

A new era is opening up for technical training with our new strategy that adapts to a clientele that has changed a lot; they learn by themselves and at their own pace. Group MFT is there, follow us.

About Us

Group MFT designs and builds since 2002 equipment intended for technical training in industrial electronics.We have developed and implemented many programs for technical training – including equipment, documentation, laboratory exercises, all that in Québec institutions (high schools, CÉGEPs and universities) and internationally (Morocco, Haiti). Our previous products VX3, TR6, SC2 and Medis 9 are examples of our savoir-faire.



Group MFT represents 30 years of experience in technical training at various levels, in different countries and for customers from 15 to 65 years old. We understand your needs. That is why we focus our efforts on our new environment B-Flex. Flex for flexibility, as you may choose to use it for:

  • Mechanical assembly and 2D or 3D design.
  • Electrical and electronic simulation, assembly and design.
  • 2D, 3D HMI including Internet access.
  • Automation programming IEC 61131-3: Grafcet, LD, FBD,ST and IL.
  • Java Script programming on computers, cellphones and tablets.
  • Physical simulation and virtualisation of equipment and processes.


Each student has his own equipment and evolves at his own pace by accomplishing tasks that tie in closely with the workplace. Our approach is configured for today’s clientele.



Our services

Our direct implication in industrial electronics and automatisation classrooms is moving our efforts on your immediate needs.


Training of teachers

We add to your teaching skills the mastering of our innovative approach.

Program development

We analyse and revise your programs using a skill-based and learning hybrid programs approach.

Adapted practical works

We compile or create practical work books harmonised with your program and your needs.


MFT Team

Our team mostly consists of people passionate about technology, but we need at least one person to manage everything: that's me!



When I create practical work exercises, I focus on creativity and contextualisation so that students become deeply invested in their tasks. How? Give them the necessary tools and put them to action now! Motivation is necessary to success.

Founding president


In industrial electronics, programming act on electromechanical elements. I design these mechanisms by targeting the achievement of the skills identifies in the training programs. I work with 3D tools in order to prepare the virtualisation tasks on Virtual Universe.

Mechanical designer

Louis G


Baie d’Urfé, QC, Canada      514 781-8768

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  • You have ideas?  Expertise?
  • You have developed practical work using the B-Flex?
  • Join our collaborative team and we will publish your work.

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